Small Talk … or The Art of Breaking the Ice



A successful conversation is an important key for the own success.

With the right communication we are able to „break the ice“ among strangers and to leave a positive (first) impression.

However, when we use the wrong words, our chance is gone.

First statement

A good small talk is not the same as a presentation! It is not about being a comedian, or acting like an entertainer.

Small talk is just the opposite: It is the art of elegant chattering.

Second statement

When we try to prove ourselves and others, how communicative we are and can be, we are off the track. Such an attitude is always seen with distrustful eyes.

Third statement

Small talk is a universal instrument and can be used everywhere: As nice chattering with colleagues, as small chattering on our way to the company on the train, or as interesting chattering in the lift. The possibilities are endless.

Fourth statement

Small talk is a good way to build trust and to be seen as trustworthy. For example, when we are new in a job, we can establish first relationships of trust through small talk. When being on a fair, we should use small talk as a means for getting into contact with people. Before meeting a client, a nice conversation via small talk in a chat leads to first good impressions. People feel welcome and appreciated.

Fifth statement

Smiling or nodding simplifies a conversation. It changes the atmosphere tremendously.

Sixth statement

Small talk is always without obligation. You are obliged to nothing and are able to end the conversation with a good reason and friendly: „Thank you for the nice conversation“.

Seventh statement

Give up pondering, what to talk about. Think positive and let your thoughts come out! Be not choosy in your words!

Eight statement

Small talk is a good means to find out whether the other person is of interest for the own contacts, life, and business. It is a good chance to find out whether the other person is sympathetic or not. Important is only, that we should not judge before and should not have any prejudices. Freeing us from any bad thinking facilitates the conversation.

Ninth statement

Small talk can cheer people up and can brighten a party.

Tenth statement

Small talk adds to our social life.



Don’t believe that small talk leads to a superficial atmosphere!

And don’t believe that people in such a small talk behave dishonest!

People don’t try to lie or manipulate you!


Small talk is above all a good means for building trust.


It is a sign for attention and can lead to positive relationships.


Small talk is not so easy, at first glance.

But don’t hesitate to use this art of conversation for your personal and business success.


Exercise regularly the art of small talk – wherever you are.


Talk about the weather, about the music in a concert, about the dinner, and much more … the possibilities are endless.

Talk to your neighbor, to the person next to you in the train, …


Increase your self-trust! Develop yourself further!

Become open-minded!


Ask questions and show your interest!

But don’t fall with the door into the house!

Find commonalities!

Ask questions like:

What is your profession?

What kind of book are you reading at the moment?

Why are you here?

Did you like the presentation?


Don’t expect too much from the other person!

Be tactful! Show respect!

Don’t put pressure on the other person!


Avoid critical topics (Politics, health, sex, money, religion, …)!


Learn to listen what the other person has to say!

Show your empathy!

Don’t talk only about yourself!

Give the other person time to tell!


Find a good way out of the small talk!


I wish you much success with your small talk „exercises“.