Benefits of Writing in Your Second Language


Speaking several languages is wonderful – writing, too.

And we too often underestimate our talent, our skills, our abilities.

We hardly use our learned vocabulary, we avoid talking and writing in the other language.


We simply have doubts and we are anxious.

We don’t trust ourselves and we think others could laugh or could judge our bad abilities.

Courage is a big problem for us – we don’t have enough.


Before I explain you the benefits of writing in another language, you should read my brand or success story:


From August 2011 to July 2012 I was very active on Ecademy, a social business network, under the direction of Thomas and Penny Power.

During this time I presented my business Presse-Service Karin Sebelin and seeked the exchange and collaboration with business people from around the world.

My first blog on the platform was a press release for honoring the founders Thomas and Penny Power for their wonderful work and announcing the new Ecademy score that was invented at that time.

This press release was in school English. When I founded my company Presse-Service Karin Sebelin, it was German orientated and the content on my blog and my marketing orientation was in German.

When I entered the English platform Ecademy, I was totally fascinated by the English language and marketing orientation. First it was not so easy with my school English to completely follow each word in the Ecademy blogs, as the English culture has special expressions, but within several weeks I became better and better. I was very motivated to learn some new words and to communicate with the platform.

I liked blogging in English and from the first blog my blogs were a success. People liked my work and blogs and within several weeks I was number 1 in the Ecademy score ( among 600.000 members ) for being so engaged with and by others.

I had the will and the perseverance to learn from these English blogs and this community what I did not know. I was not aware that having made my German “Abitur” in English with good qualities is really no guarantee for understanding each blog post in England to 100 percent.

Three to four months later I had developed my English further and had good hope for writing in the future in English.

I had learned, when you begin to write regularly in a new language, one day you begin to think in this language. And this became true.

Now I love demonstrating my creativity in English.



Here the benefits of writing in another / your second language: 


1.) Developing a unique style

Writing in another language can liberate our creativity, our style and our personality. We can develop a new identity.

2.) Connecting to a new culture

When we learn a new language, we open an invisible door to a different culture. We feel connected to this culture and try to express this.

3.) Boosting the own self-esteem

Writing in another language, is a chance for demonstrating courage, self-trust and confidence.

4.) Proving yourself as expert

Writing in perfect words in another language, an article, a book or a column in a magazine, demonstrates that you are an expert. It impresses much more than in your mother language.





When we try to develop a new language further, we should avoid stressing ourselves.

Good writing needs practice, for sure, but no pressure.

Try to put your practice in writing on a daily basis.

Blog or write daily.


All you should do is not giving up!

Having enough self-confidence!

Trusting the own self!


Be consistent enough and write!

And enjoy what you have written!

Don’t take the fun out of your learning process!